MOBILBOX is designed to withstand the maximum degree of environmental conditions and to provide the highest user satisfaction for all sectors, in order to provide complete and complimentary solutions where an external power distribution is required.

MOBILBOX, which is 100% produced by TP ELEKTRİK and  which is a first in field applications in Turkey, can be equipped with socket outlets and fuse modules in order to meet an important need of the market.   

High quality standards, long term resistance for environmental factors and specific applications according to requirements have no longer been a luxury. MOBILBOX is designed to be equipped with socket outlets or appliance inlets from 16A up to 125A, modules of 6 – 8 – 12 fuses and all standard switchgear equipment and terminals in the market to provide unique, flexible and custom designed solutions for construction sites, workshops, cement factories, railwas, iron & steel industry, marinas, shipyards, petrochemical industry, power generation and distribution systems, marble and natural stone industry and sound & light sistem applications.   Click here for the brochure...