MINIBOX products, having dimensions of 215x215, are designed in order to provide maximum customer satisfaction in fields where electrical distribution and portable sockets are required such as construction sites, factories, textile industry, automation, marble and stone industry, broadcasting (light & sound systems) and electrical installation works etc. Unique and flexible solutions are provided where all electrical, air and water connections are made from the top instead of having wires and hoses on the ground.

-  16A and 32A sockets can be used up to 7 pieces 
-  Black and orange colors are available as a standard
-  Enables portable usage by the handles and hangers 
-  For connection of fuses (MCB) and residual circuit breakers (RCD), it is possible to use 8 way fuse modules
-  Optional air and water connections are available
-  Protection level is IP 44 for products with handle and IP 40 for products with hanger
-  All fixing of sockets, air and water hoses can be done easily and practically by hand without using any extra tools
-  For unused slots, blind covers are available
-  Modular design enables easy access to internal connections and makes the assembly very simple 
-  Mains connection is done via cables through a cable gland which has an optional dimension of M20 – M25 – M32   
-  Can be located whereever needed, as a portable socket box by handles and wired plugs  
-  Can be used in both open and closed areas due to high resistivity against environmental effects
-  Due to UV additive raw material, negative effects of environmental temperature and sun light are minimized
-  Products are manufactured from PP material with high impact resistance