Heavy Duty Connectors


 In the our principles frame of quality, customer satisfaction and domestic production, we have started to sell the heavy duty connector plugs & sockets to create more fast and optionnel solution in the direction of customer requests due to problems of delivery times.

We aim to provide complexe and complementary solution  for producers of machine in different area with advantage prices, faster dispatch, quality products, 12 different product type which are 4-5-6-10-16-24-32-48 connectors, 6x35A/12x35A, 4/0x80A ve 4/2x80A plug and socket series, our solution of systems with screw, spring, quick connect.

Heavy Duty Connectors Characteristic:
Hood with Male Inserts Types :                                                                               Housing with Female Insert Types :                                      

- Top Entry                                                                                                                   -  Top Entry                                         

- Side Entry                                                                                                                -  Side Entry

- For One Lever - Top Entry                                                                                       -  With One Lever (Top Entry  )

- For One Lever - Side Entry                                                                                     -  With One Lever (Top Entry) (With Hood Extraction Mechanism)

- Two Screws – Top Entry                                                                                         - With One Lever (Side Entry)

- Two Screws – Side Entry                                                                                        - With One Lever(Side Entry) (With Hood Extraction Mechanism)

- Four Screws – Top Entry                                                                     

- Four Screws – Side Entry

Surface Mount Housing for Female Insert Types :                                           Bulkhead Mount Housing for Female Insert :

- With Two Lever                                                                                                     -  With Two Lever  

- With One Lever                                                                                                     - With One Lever

- With One Lever - With Hood Extraction Mechanism                                             - With One Lever - With Hood Extraction Mechanism

- With One Lever - With Cover                                                                                - With One Lever - With Cover

- With One Lever - With Hood Extraction Mechanism – With Cover                      -  With One Lever - With Hood Extraction Mechanism – With Cover

- With Two Lever - Double Entry                                                                              - Two Screws 

- With One Lever - Double Entry                                                                              -  Four Screws

With One Lever - Double Entry - With Hood Extraction Mechanism

- With One Lever - Double Entry - With Cover

- With One Lever - Double Entry - With Hood Extraction Mechanism – With Cover




1.CABLE GLANDS: Metal and plastic cable glands can be used for the connection of pipes, flexible conduits and cables. In order to maintain high IP level of the system, it is importantto choose correct cable gland.



Hoods with top and side entries provide solutions for different types of industrial applications to the customers. Hoods are all manufactured by aluminium die-cast to provide high impactresistance and they are powder coated by a corrosion resistant epoxy powder paint.


3. INSERTS: Inserts are manufactured from UL approved glass fibered PC material which is HF (halogen free) and FR (flame retardent). Operational temperature range is -40°C / +125°C. Mating cycle for mechanical working life of the inserts is over 500. There are optional connection systems such as screw type, spring type and quick connect.


4. CONTACTS: Contacts are made of brass and they are 3 μm silver (Ag) plated. For screw type connection there is a cable protection plate which prevents direct contact of the cablewith the screw. For spring and quick connect type contacts, a stainless steel spring which has a very long life time is used.


5. ASYMMETRIC GUIDE RAILS: Asymmetric guide rails prevent incorrect coupling of male and female inserts.


6. SEALING: A rubber gasket which has high resistivity against environmental effects is used with housings in order to provide IP 65 protection level when housings and hoods are coupled. The gaskets has high operating temperatures and they can with stand 180°C.


7. ALUMINIUM INJECTION HOUSINGS FOR FEMALE INSERTS: Hoods for female inserts, bulkhead (panel mount) housings and surface mount housings (single and double entry) provide solutions for different type of industrial applications. Housings are all manufactured by aluminium die-cast to provide high impact resistance and they are powder coated by a corrosion resistant epoxy powder paint.


8. LOCKING LEVER: Locking levers are manufactured from stainless steel and they provide IP 65 protection level when couples of hoods and housings are locked. Ergonomic and unique design of locking levers enable reliable and durable locking during operation.


9. ASSEMBLY SCREWS OF INSERTS: Knurled screws are inserted during assembly to prevent loosening of the of inserts inside hoods and housings under vibrating conditions.


10. CODING: Numerical coding on the inserts are made by a laser and they are durable against environmental effects.


11. GROUND CONNECTION: Grounding terminals of large contact surface are used for earthing.


12.LOCKING PINS: Locking pins with high impact resistance provide high mating cycles and long mechanical life time.